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Welcome to Trouble in the Moot

This adventure is a homebrew Zweihander campaign occurring in the Warhammer Empire region known as the Grand County of the Mootland, or just The Moot for short. (Because most things in the Moot are short.) I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Recent History of The Mootland
Burning Witch Inn

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Link Greenleaf
Geddragg Bitterbrew
Old Man Rheinhardt

Sty Lum
Owner of the Laughing Cow
Owner of Potsen Pans
Owner of the butcher shop
Kinstaag Grimmhammer
Wealthy farmer
Ovilar Bendt
Tilivan, the witch hunter

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Coin and symbol
Crumpled Note
Letter to Sty Lum
Headstone above hidden room
Watch List
bumber shoot
Box found in bunker
Letter found in Shrine
Grave of Vorrik Foulhammer
Hidden Cave Entrance
Vorrik Foulhammer Cave

Main Page

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