Trouble in the MooT

On the road to Grenzstadt

Sigmarzeit 32 – Sommerzeit 5 (early summer)
After tending to everyone’s wounds and burying the dead from the traveler’s group, it was getting too late for the party to continue very far. The two travelers did not want to go back through the path west and so decided that they would continue on to Fallenblatt while the party continued west.
On the second day, Morsleib was seen, greyish-brown in the evening sky, skittering behind Mannslieb and disappearing again.
On the fifth day, Orks were seen rummaging through a recently deserted campsite. The Orks also noticed the party. Link moved off the trail to get good bowshot on the orks and discovered more, which immediately closed to attack him. The battle was bloody on both sides when the orks retreated to the rocky hills. A search of the abandoned camp showed that it was probably one person, booted footprints, warm embers in the fire pit, a couple small vials containing what looked like “paint”. Natina said, “No, that’s makeup!” There were also some drops of red blood … not Ork blood, but no trace as to which direction the camp owner might have gone.
The very next day they were attacked from the rear by orks, Four at first, then Sonny tried to sneak up on those only to discover that he sneaked right into four more. Brandlin, the hedge knight, fought bravely and nearly died, After the third magical missile, the orks shouted something and four of the orks charged Mitiliago. Natina kept a few busy picking up their weapons (and themselves). It looked like the tide was finally turning in favor of the party when a horn sounded and all of the orks retreated into the hills. They were badly hurt and needed rest and so struck a camp for 24 hours to heal up a little (thanks to Natina).
150 RP (2850 total) … it was a good night


(updating post just to keep track of RP)
50 RP for not showing up due to extreme cold. Start next session with 1 Corruption point for same reason.

On the road to Grenzstadt

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