Trouble in the MooT


a new beginning?

It was a week of chaos and confusion for the loosely knit group of adventurers arriving in Grenzstadt. This was a town as big as any city due to the huge number of garrisoned troops here. Grenzstadt was the first defense of the Empire against any invasion from the south through Black Fire Pass. There had been many, the most recent was the start of the war known as the Battle of 100 Cannons, less than 10 years ago. There are constant patrols of soldiers, Dwarves and profiteers clearing the pass of greenskins and other denizens to make the route passable for trade to Tilia and the Border Princes.
-- Natina --
Natina approached an acolyte at the Temple to Shallya and asked to see the Mother Superior on a matter of great importance. When the Mother arrived, Natina explained her recent activity and presented the small rock of Warpstone for the Mother to dispose of. The shock of the Mother was undeniable. She quickly got a small, heavy box to put the rock in, closed the lid and tol Natina that she would need to stay for 3 days and cleanse her body and soul. She is given a ritual of things to do for at least the next 7 days.
- Gozbert -
Gozbert receives a mysterious note saying that his “gifts” have been noticed by the Fellowship of Flame. He accepts the invitation to meet and eventually agrees to join the Fellowship (rather than be turned in as an unsanctioned witch) and to work with/for the group. They have a small “Temple” in the back of the Temple to Verena equipped with an alchemy lab and library which Gozbert uses for 3 days.
- Mitiliago -
While looking for more druids to “hang out with” in this town, Mitiliago runs into a ranger and another druid which question his intentions and direct him to a druid circle around a mile outside of town. Mit accepted the invitation and went to the convocation.
- Sonny -
Sonny sought out a craftsman to make him a “toy sword” scabbard and a “toy hoop” like the ones he had lost. They were very specially made. The gnome craftsman noted the request and asked if Sonny would like to join a group of “like minded” individuals, kind of like a guild. Sonny agreed to meet them and was escorted with a bag over his head to a meeting place where he was grilled about his intentions in Grenzstadt and his future plans, finally agreeing to join as a “messenger” for the “guild”.
___ Link and Brandlin -
While others were tied up in their own chores, these two went shopping and selling goods from their meager hauls and provisioned for the next great adventure.
- Geddragg -
First Geddragg went to the Smith that Kinstaag had mentioned bearing the pouch and saying the nonsense words. Moldof seemed to know what he was talking about and produced a bundle of papers, saying the Kinstaag had left them with him for safe keeping. Geddragg took a coach back to the coaching inn only to find that Kinstaag had passed away the previous night.
After a decent Dwarven burial, Geddragg returned to Grenzstadt with Kinstaag’s hammer and armor. It seems Kinstaag was trying to return a the hammer, a family heirloom it seems, back to its clan … wherever that was. Geddragg tried to give Moldof the hammer and Moldof said that the burden was on Geddragg, for he had accepted the honor from Kinstaag.

100 Reward Points



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