Trouble in the MooT

Continuing on to Grenzstadt

Sommerzeit 6 – 9
The party broke camp after a full day of rest. It was needed to recuperate before they continued their travels. There was no sense moving on while injured and unrested, especially in hostile territory with a possible assailant tracking them. It was a good thing that they did.

The adventurers had traveled only a day. The night watches were set and it was just after midnight when Gozbert smelled smoke, a smell he was vastly familiar with. The night was black with clouds and little moonlight. Waking the camp, he saw the fires growing and encircling the camp. Their situation was no accident and orx weren’t smart enough for this. When awoken, Mitiliago started to thrash the flames nearest to him, trying to make a path out of the camp. Gozbert walked through the flaming circle to see if he could see who set the fire. Natina and Link Greenleaf gathered equipment and supplies left in the camp, Link diving through the flames, Natina (with her dog) heading for the opening that Mit had made. Brandlin Hartson quickly donned her armor. None of them observed Geddragg Bitterbrew sprout wings and fly straight up and over the fire to see if he could see the culprit.
Geddragg’s voice rang out, “He’s over this way!”
The only object that Brandlin could see “That way” was a flying figure heading away from the camp. She took aim with her javelin … and missed! A bolt of lightning erupted from the flying form and struck the ground some 20 plus yards out. “He’s down there!” Geddragg continued.
There was a pistol shot … Geddragg had been hit. Mitiliago saw where the lightning had struck and the puff of gunpowder smoke bellowed and called a thunderclap to cover that point. Another lightning strike, another thunderclap … Gozbert summoned a blazing sword to both light his way and kill a foe if need be.
Thunderbolt and lightning! Very, very frightning!
In a flash, the bandit was dead … char broiled. (Due to the two additional lightning bolts after he was already dead). There was little recognizable left of him. A few coins and a lot of charcoal. The party traveled an hour in the dark and made camp again. Being a dark, moonless night didn’t help.
Shortly after everyone fell asleep, Mitiliago saw Geddragg stand up, swatting himself all over. There was also ants crawling all over Brandlin. The campsite had been too close to an ant colony and swarms were coming into camp for “free food”. Needless to say, they broke camp early and started on their way.
Two nights later, Natina spotted a mountain lion crouched in a nearby tree, just getting ready for a midnight snack. Mit scared him away with a thunderclap … which also scared the crap out of the sleeping adventurers.
The very next day, the party crested what appeared to be the highest point of their journey. Below, to the west was a forest. There might be a way around it, but they might lose days getting to Grenzstadt. Going through the forest, on the other hand, they might lose their direction and get lost. They were deciding their path when Mitiliago heard a voice, low and gravelly. He looked around and it seemed that none of his friends had heard it. That was very peculiar. The voice said. “Do not attack. We are come.”

(more to come}



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