Trouble in the MooT


an unexpected turn

Geddregg was unexpectedly ill as the party entered Jengen, It looked like he was going to be out of commission for a couple days so the rest decided to do some bounty hunting.

Link had learned of a local bandit named Billious Torm that had been torm-enting travelers on the west road to Mendelhof. Patrols between the two towns had not been successful in flushing out his camp and the locals were now afraid to use the road. There was a bounty of 10 gold, dead or alive, for his capture or his body. Some in the party thought, “no problem, this should be easy.”

On the third day out of Jengen, they were talking about how they might have to travel the entire weeks route to Mendelhof before they were “lucky” enough to find Torm. No sooner said than done, they were ambushed by archers hidden in the underbrush. Sonny was well in the lead with his toy hoop and heard stifled giggles from the foliage. Looking, he saw the tips of some bows moving above the bushes. This could be it. Some of the others had also heard the noise. Sonny ran back to the group to warn them.

(More to come)



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