Trouble in the MooT

Arrive at Grunhugel

Job opening, fast promotions, see Sty

Upon arriving in Grunhugel, our cast of adventurers dispersed in every direction to take care of their needs.Geddragg, and Salvik to the healer, Link to buy supplies, Mitiliago to find silvered darts,, Gozbert headed to the inn to drink. That left Natina more or less alone out walking around the village streets. That’s when she met Sty Lum, the constable of Grunhugel.

“Did you and your group just come from Mama’s? No need to answer, I saw you myself”. He was quick to answer himself. “I’m sorry, but I have to put you under arrest.”
That’s the way it started out anyway. By the end of the conversation, he had deputized Natina so she could help arrest the rest of the group, and the jail was too small for all of them, so he’d get rooms at the Laughing Cow Inn and they would only be under “house arrest”
Geddragg would have to stay at the shrine under the healer’s care to hasten his recovery. Mitiliago actually found some silvered darts at Potsen Pans, a mercantile run by Merrybell Potsen, and purchased 4 of the 6 she had. Merrybell mentioned how constable Lum enjoyed darts also and that he should seek him out for a game or two. Gozbert sat unobtrusively and watched as constable Lum led Natina in and arranged for rooms. ….. No, not that kind of rooms!
One by one, all except Geddragg found the inn. After all, it was the only inn in town. And one by one they were surprised to learn they were under arrest … and had rooms for the night. Ale and a good time were had by all.


The next morning, constable Lum was waiting for them when they came down the stair from their rooms to the common room. Yes, even Gozbert, who tried not to be noticed.
When asked what they were arrested for, he had to finally admit that it was the only way he could think to keep them in town for a few days until Tilivan got here. He showed them the Letter to Sty Lum (see wiki)
Sty talked Mitiliago into a game of darts, Mit reluctantly accepted if Sty would teach him the game. Mitiliago won 2 of 3 and was declared the champion and he got a gife for his prize. Not to be outdone, Mit ran back to the mercantile and purchased the last 2 silver tip darts and presented them to constable Lum.
About that time, Link noticed a shape in the sky. It was a small sliver Morrslieb rising in the east and it was a purplish color. Thinking this was not a good sign, he called the others out to see it.
Just a minute or so after Natina and Mitiliago came outside, they heard a thump and crash inside. Upon running in, looking around for Sty and continuing to his quarters, they found him on the floor in a puddle of ink with a silver tipped dart stuck in his throat.

Arrive at Grunhugel

Sty’s hands were near his throat. The skin near the wound purplish and face turning blue. They knew it had to be poison. The two gnomes picked up the Halfling constable and ran with him as fast as they could the 500 yards to the healer’s shrine where Geddragg was resting and Ovilar, the healer was tending to chores. It was a sight that drew many townsfolk as the ran down the streets. Two Gnomes carrying a Halfling with a short legged Halfling running behind.
The healer, upon inspecting the constable, said it was too late. Sty Lum had crossed over. The cause was nightshade. Villagers were starting to crowd around by now and there was some sort of chime or bell ringing in the town “common” (they actually used the intersecting roads as a common for town meetings … they just had to watch out for the occasional wagon coming through) The village elders were gathered in a circle by the time everyone else got there and they called on Ovilar to give his opinion of what happened. He said Sty was killed with a poisoned silver tipped dart, and showed it to the town. Merrybell Potsen, also a town elder, said that she recognized the darts as ones she had just sold to Mitiliago, who then went to see the constable to play darts. <gasp>
After much convincing, the council (somewhat reluctantly) agreed that it “probably” wasn’t Mitiliago (unless they were all in on it) and that Natina should resume as constable until the council could vote in a new one. I mean, after all, she was the deputy constable already!

Arrive at Grunhugel

Back when they discovered Sty, they also discovered a crumpled piece of parchment in his hand. It looked like he had tried to write something as he was speechless and dying. (When I get the note back, I’ll add it to the wiki) They think it says “Beneath the stone”.
They searched IN the constables quarters/ office/ jail. They searched outside. The discovered fresh nicks and scratches on the rear door to Sty’s quarters ……. a break-in possibly.
Ovilar mentioned that Sty had been seen around the cemetery on a fairly regular basis, and showed the group where. The crowd of villagers seemed to follow them everywhere until Natina told everyone to go home so she could get on with finding Sty’s killer.
Cutting to the chase, they found a square headstone (thanks to the scrying of Geddragg) and unlocked the “latch” (thanks to Gozbert’s witch sight) (Link managed to pull a groin muscle and get a hernia) and found a “bunker” under the headstone. Entering the bunker, Gozbert found a skeletal corpse and a room with shelves full of books, a bed and a desk. He was almost trapped inside, but managed to reopen the stone from inside ……………….

Arrive at Grunhugel

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