Recent History of The Mootland

Emperor Ludwig the Fat makes The Moot an elector state.

The Battle of Solland’s Crown, Sack of Nuln
Gorbad Ironclaw leads the largest Greenskin army ever seen through Black Fire Pass into The Empire. Gorbad Ironclaw kills Count Eldred of Solland, taking his crown and Runefang.
The province of Solland is destroyed, it’s territory is split between Averland and Wissenland.
Gorbad’s Army rampages through Averland, Wissenland and The Moot, sacking Nuln.

2058 – 2121
Second Vampire War (Altdorf)
Konrad von Carstein leads an army of wights to attack The Moot, but is challenged for leadership by Hans von Carstein.

Emperor Luitpold, with his infant son, Karl Franz, nearly dies when he is ambushed by a warherd of beastmen. However, at the crucial moment, he is saved by a group of Wood Elves.

Heinrich Kemmler invades Athel Loren with a horde of undead. He is defeated at the Battle of the Cairns by Durthu and Lords Arlas and Edrael.

The Ogre Stonegut Mercenaries of Braggat Rockjaw enter Athel Loren. The Wood Elves give them a feast. When they are drunk, they send them toward a skaven nest. After the battle, they are paid.

Skaven attack Nuln via the sewers. (most folk still do not believe in skaven)

Karl Franz becomes emperor.

The Great Halfling Uprising 
Halflings rise up against Averland’s attempts to build a road through the Moot without their permission. Conflict is ended brutally by Marius Leitdorf in the Battle of Nearstream, where Marius Leitdorf defeats the armies of the Elder of the Moot, and orders the death of every Halfling standing against him. Among the armies are later Averheim Greatsword Captain Marcus Baerfaust and his brother Karl Baerfast.

An army of Minotaurs threaten to cross the Grey Mountains. Karl Franz enters Athel Loren and pleads for help. In response, Orion leads the Wild Hunt across the Grey Mountains.
A Wood Elf envoy presents the Emperor with a griffon’s egg, and the message “We will be watching.”

Thalandor Doomstar of Argwylon fights alongside King Ungrim Ironfist against a horde of greenskins. However, in the hour of vicotory, the dwarfs turn on the Wood Elves to repay an ancient grudge. Doomstar flees.

Thalandor Doomstar sees revenge on the Dwarfs by laying siege to Karak Kadrin.

The doomfire dragon Malathrax the Mighty is slain by Markus Wulfhart.

The Onslaught of the Maggot Lord:
Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord, body-thief and favoured of Nurgle, leads a mighty incursion of Chaos to the Empire. He is defeated at the gates of Nuln

Duke Baugard the Rash attacks the Empire over Black Fire Pass, but is bloodily repulsed.
Azhag the Slaughterer attacks the Empire.

Battle of Aver Vale
On an Angestag morning, in the month of Brauzeit, the army of Dwarf Lord Durnatz Duran faced the Orc Warlord King Uggo’s hordes. Notable for the use of Dwarfen Thwopters.

The Beastlord Graktar destroys Gortsburg and Leitenbad.
Azhag the Slaughterer’s WAAAAGH! ends.
Lord Mortkin is defeated at Volganof, but succeeds in razing the entire city.

Graktar is defeated in a duel by Kazrak, who embarks on a series of raids.

Drycha releases Coeddil from his cage.
Zacharias the Everliving attacks Wissenlandwith with an army of undead, but the humans are aided by a second horde of skeletons.
Karl Franz personally leads the armies of Reikland against the Spiderclaw goblin tribe at the Battle of Bloodpine Woods.

Boris Todbringer II takes out one of Kazrak’s eyes at the Battle of Elsterweld.
The chaos warhost of Grakthor Flameaxe is defeated by Volkmar the Grim and an army of Flagellants.

Balthasar Gelt and Kurt Helborg defeat a beasman army at the Slaughter of Six Spikes.

The Battle of a Hundred Cannons.
A large Goblin horde attacks Zhufbar and a relief force marches from Karaz-a-Karak.
A force of Ogres bypass Karak Kadrin and march on the Moot. It is realized the Ogre army pushed the Goblins to attack Zhufbar.
Armies from Karaz-a-Karak, Karak Kadrin and Zhufbar unite under High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer and battle as the Ogres try to cross the River Aver. An army from Nuln arrives and aid the Dwarfs by surrounding and destroying the Ogres using the largest concentration of artillery ever seen in the Old World.

The threat to Albion. The Slann create gates to the island, and Scar-Leader Kroq-Gar leads the first war parties to cleanse the island. Lord Mazdamundi begins to alter the climate of the island, and a new jungle is formed. Works begins on a new temple city, Konquata (Place of Resistance).

The Third Battle of Black Fire Pass
Orc horde leaded by Orc Warlord Vorgaz Ironjaw tries to invade the Empire. Elector Count of Averland Marius Leitdorf “Mad Lord of Averland” is killed with most of the Averland’s Greatswords (Landsknects), when completely surrounded by the huge tide of Greenskins. The commander of the Averheim Greatswords is famous Captain Marcus Baerfast. Their death brings enough time to Reiksguard Knights, leaded by Emperor Karl Franz himself, to smash the Orcs. Among the Empire folk is also Captain Zacharius Gucklhorn who later writes his memoirs about the war.  Among the armies is also Gravin Clothilde von Alptraum serving as volunteer at a Shallyan hospice. Grandmaster Caspian Rodor from the Order of the Black Bear dies alongside Elector Count Marius.

During the invasion of Warlord Vorgaz Ironjaw, the legendary Dwarf brewery of Olgep Wynters falls to Greenskins. Also Olgep himself is killed. Grudi Halfhand (former Master-Brewer Grudi Wynters from the brewery and son of Olgep) survives the attack and becomes Slayer

Mannfred von Carstein is rumoured in the Empire to be back

Kristoff Haamar is engaged by an unknown patron to write the definitive history of Black Fire Pass. The receipt shows that the text was to include descriptions of prominent features both geographical and sociological, along with a series of twentyfive wood cut illustrations. Kristoff set out in the company of a band of Mercenary Soldiers under the command of one Captain Gerhard Olenbay of Wissenland. On the fifth day of Kaldezeit, a merchant named Ubrecht Fell discovered Kristoff ’s body in Black Fire Pass and brought the poet historian’s  journal to Altdorf for publication

Daemon hordes invade Ulthuan. Tyrion leads the War Against the Daemons. Imrik Prince of Caledor refuses to join, and shows no alleigence to Tyrion.

Norse Longships begin to raid the north coast of Bretonnia, sacking isolated villages within the dukedoms of L’Anguille and Couronne.

Respected and affluent professor Ehrwig von Dankien, from the Arcane History of Altdorf University, publishes infamous study about the origins of magic. This book is titled
The Inconvenient Truths  and tells his finding from his journey to Lustria in 2519. Publication is met with mixed feelings and reviews – Sneers and open mocking by some, revulsion and condemnation by others. Regardless, this seemingly innocuous tratise sents shockwaves through both the academic and arcane communities. The Colleges of Magic soon start destroying the copies of the book.

The sacred mists of Albion are restored. In the Empire, the time known as “the Storm of Chaos” erupts as the great horde of Chaos Undivided led by the Chaos Champion called Archaon the Everchosen assaults the Empire. In an alternate, parallel universe, the Storm of Chaos never erupts and is instead replaced by the sequence of events called the Age of Reckoning, in which an Alliance of Order is forged between the humans of the Empire, the High Elves of Ulthuan and the Dwarfs of Karaz-a-Karak to defeat the Alliance of Destruction created by the Dark Elves of Naggaroth, the Greenskins of Eight Peaks and the Raven Host, a Chaos army dedicated to the Chaos God Tzeentch, Lord of Change.

The Imperial School of Engineers claim that their ingenuity surpasses that of their Dwarf allies, leading to raging arguments. The resultant “field testing contest” escalates when each side decides to demostrate their superiority in the field of counter-battery fire. Before long the air is filled with silvered shot, runic cannonballs, flaming naptha and helstorm rockets, whilst exploding flying machines and clockwork angels duel with steel zeppelins and Gyrocopter squadrons in the skies above.

Elementalist “Modernists” leaded by Christoph Adler lose their charter in  Averland. New Count of Stressen, Kastor Leitdorf, will not grant charter to them after the dead of his uncle last year. Modernists must flee to the wilderness and they are not hunted because the coming war. They disappear.

On the Hexentstag 2522, the eve of the new year, the Brotherhood of Untold Aeons
 was going to summon Changer of Ways in Nuln at the Baron Rundsted mansion. But the brotherhood’s secrecy was compromised and Witch Hunters leaded by Witch Hunter Markus Reiner raid the mansion just in time. The mysterious magus, called Arch-heretic Veneficus, disappears / escapes.

Council of Light
Electors from all counties and heads of state from all regions across the Old World have been invited by Karl Franz to Altdorf for a grand conclave. (The conclave started 3 weeks ago and continues)

Rumors of “Skaven” in Tilea and Estalia

Rumors of a huge fire in shantytown in Nuln.

Recent History of The Mootland

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