Trouble in the MooT

Times in the Grand County of the Mootland

The Moot, homeland to the Halflings, a generally peaceful folk, but the recent past has been less than peaceful.  With Black Fire Pass to the south, Nuln to the west and Sylvania to the east, it hasn't been easy living in the Moot.

It was just three years ago that greenskin hoards got past the Dwarves and through Black Fire Pass, crossing the Aver River and making it all the way to the Moot. They were defeated at the Battle of a Hundred Cannon just outside our fair county. What a ruccus!

Then, a year later, was another battle. This one did not get as close. I think it was called the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass. My Dwarven friends assure me that the Pass is well taken care of and Bugmann's Brewery was not in jepardy.

Two years of peace and quiet have been nice, but I have a bad feeling behind my eyeballs it won't last ……



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