Link Greenleaf


Link stands just 3’11" and weighs 92 lbs. He has short reddish brown hair and light blue eyes. His skin is lightly tanned from traveling the roadways.He is in his early 20’s.He wears simple but sturdy clothes under his leather armor. He is armed with a hunting bow, a mortuary sword and his trusty dirk.


    I was born on a fine Spring day in the year 2501 in a healer’s home in the village of Huekern. I grew up on a farm with my family. I have a BIG family. There is my Ma, Kirsta, my Pa, Elias, My grandma, Tilda, my grandpa, Lemm and my cousin, Bekka. I have an older brother, Siggy and a younger sister, Dilly. Me and my brother are very close. There’s lots to be done on the farm, but when we get some free time me and Sig like to hike around in the woods nearby. My Pa is a vegetable farmer and he sells the fruits and vegetables in the village. When I was 13 my Pa taught me all about farming. I listened to everything he said but really wasn’t that interested in becoming a farmer. When I was born my Ma noticed a curious birthmark on my chest. It was shaped like a red hawk.. My Ma believes that it was a sign that I was going to do great things someday. In my heart I knew that I wouldn’t do any great things as a vegetable farmer!
    During my early childhood, life on the farm was difficult but when I was about fifteen I noticed that things got better for our family. My dad was able to buy a cart and pony and the harvests seemed to be more abundant. Because of this my Pa traveled to other villages to sell the produce. While he was away Siggy was in charge. We saved up enough money to build a small home for our grandma and grandpa. When I was seventeen I was out alone hunting in the woods near the road to the capital and I heard combat coming from nearby. A traveler was being attacked by bandits. i rescued him and brought him back to the farm and tended his wounds. I learned that he was a roadwarden named Denk Barrows. He was so impressed with me he asked my Pa if I could go with him on his travels..
    I have traveled with Denk for almost three years and he has taught me about what he does to keep the roads safe. I have seen many things and they have changed me. After so much traveling i felt the need to settle down someplace for a while. I heard of a job in the small town of Sauerapfel .
    I and several others traveled with a caravan to a coaching inn near Grunhugel. I was recruited by a halfling witch hunter to track down 2 witches.

Link Greenleaf

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