Trouble in the MooT

Rumors (13th of Sigmarzeit, 2522)

Conclave of Light 
Karl Franz hosts a grand Conclave of Light at his capital of  Atldorf and invites heads of state from across the Old World to a conference where he explains the situation of Archaon’s invasion and asks for aid. Conclave lasts 30 days. In the 30th day the High Elves finally arrive with Teclis himself. The Dwarfs and High Elves pledge to assist the Empire in its time of need, as do many others, such as the Tzarina of Kislev. At this Conclave of Light, plans for the defence of the Empire are laid out, and ancient alliances are renewed.
There is huge fire in the Shantytown, Nuln. Part of the district is burned down. There are also rumours of mutants and cultist activity in Nuln.
Every pass through the Worlds Edge Mountains becomes a battlefield and every throng is mustered for war. Under the leadership of High King Thorgrim, the Dwarfs honour their alliance and defend their holds. High King commands king  Alric Ranulfsson to clear the Silver Road of Goblins and attack Mount Gunbad. Without the fighting power of the Orcs to oppose him, King Alrik settles many grudges with the Goblins and recovers many long-lost treasures (Dwarf year 5522/7045).



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