Trouble in the MooT

Off to see the .... ORKS!

Meeting new friends and acquaintences

Sigmarzeit 27-31 (late spring)
It was decided, in the morning they would start their journey to Grenzstadt. They had heard Kinstaag say that the way was not easy, nearly 100 miles, no roads and sometimes dangerous territory, but Geddragg and the rest would try to catch up to Kinstaag. It was possible that “Indus Geisse” was also trailing Kinstaag in order to hunt him down, he had been seen leaving town in that direction earlier in the day.
The newly formed, and most unlikely friendship with the tiny Halfling, Sonny, might be an asset. Sonny was fast, agile and said that he could find the way across to the Old Dwarf Road. Sonny told the rest that there was actually two routes travelled. The “safer” route bypassed the foothills, but would take a week longer … or so he heard. The faster route, through the foothills, was more dangerous. The party reasoned that Geddargg, who was in a rush to get to Grenzstadt and a Dwarf, would most likely take to the foothills. Their route was set, supplies purchased and they set out soon after first light with Sonny plotting their path, Link planning their camps and safety and Mitiliago, with his newly acquired marten companion, acting as scout.
The first few days were uneventful, passing only local farm traffic heading to town to trade. Only a few light showeres marred the otherwise sunny weather. When they came to the fork in the trail, they took the southern trail toward the foothills with the mountains as the distant backdrop. This is the way Kinstaag would have come. In the afternoon of the 30th, Mitiliago spotted a skirmish ahead. There were greenskins attacking some travelers barricaded behind a turned over cart. The travelers were not faring well and the group advanced to help the travelers.
Link loosed arrows on the little snotlings, Geddragg called down lightning, Gozbert … fire, Mitilaigo missiles of magical force. It seemed a little one sided until two orks stood up from behind their stony hiding spots and fired arrows at Link, nearly taking his life. The orks shouted something at the snotlings and half of them broke off from the travelers to charge the party members. Sonny was trying to stealthily close on the snotlings attacking the travelers. Natina’s prayers kept the orks off their game by making them drop their weapons. Brandlin waded into combat, issuing challenges as she went, one time to a snotling on the ground. (a little corruption for that one) One by one, the party cut down the greenskins, saving two members of the traveling group. The rest of the travelers, the wives, children and two mules, had been slaughtered by the greenskins.
Natina tended to the travelers and party’s wounds. Now they would have to decide what to do next. It turns out that the two families had come the same route as the adventurers, just a couple days earlier. They had been heading to Osterzell to join family on their new farm.
100 RP for the night.



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