Trouble in the MooT

Mama's coaching inn

And so it begins ... ding dong the witch is undead

Acting as "guards" for a tinker's caravan, run by Samil and Arthurfl Tinbender (two Gnome travelling tinkers and shippers), the characters arrive at Mama’s around evening, only to find a large pyre surrounded by a good sized croud. When asked what the excitement is about, they are informed that it is a witch burning. Mama, the mother of this witch and owner of the inn is also a witch and that a witch hunter is, even now, inside catching her.

No sooner said, flames and smoke are seen coming from the inn. Panic ensues as several figures run out of the inn and head northwest toward the woods shouting "She escaped!" and "Find her!"

The crowd, mostly made up of caravaners and staff, broke out of their daze. Some headed for the inn to put out the blaze, some to save their belongings. Others, like Gozbert (Halfling diabolist) thought it better to fade away and find a place not too close to a witch hunter. Sam and Art went to help put out the fire.


Sam got the inspiration to “become” the new owners of the inn and stopped any looting. Sure, there’d be some work involved, but this would mean no more going from town to town. They renamed it the Burning Witch Coaching Inn.

Meanwhile Our merry gang of not so adventurous adventurers …. The witch hunter returned mumbling about how the witch got away. While he was trying to gather up folk to hunt for the witch with him, Natina, preacher of Ranald, noticed that there was no longer a corpse burning on the pyre. It had disappeared. The witch hunter offered a reward to those that would help track them down and bring back proof. Geddragg, the Dwarven astrologer, told him he was hunting in the wrong direction (after scrying), but the witch hunter only laughed at him and called him a charlatan.
Our adventurers headed out on the path they thought would lead them to a reward.

Mama's coaching inn

The path led them past a refuse pile of rotting food, meat and bones which turned out to be three crypt skeletons. They managed to disengage and retreat without the skeletons following. Later they encounter stranglevines covering the trail they followed, finally arriving at a clearing with one lone figure … the reanimated daughter of the inn owner. After a skirmish, they beheaded her and searched the small peninsula for clues. They found tracks of two and scrape marks on the bank of a lake/bayou that was probably an escape boat. More searching found an old husk of a building with nothing of note except a small stone with a symbol and the name Avery

Mama's coaching inn

Returning to the inn, Samil and Arthurfl were in full swing cleaning the inn and repairing the fire damage. They had fabricated a new sign for the inn … BURNING WITCH coaching inn. The witch hunter was not around and since they had been pre-paid, they left the head of the daughter-witch and decided to head south before the hunter could ask them to do something else. Two days by foot, south to the town of Grunhugel.
The first evening, while they camped, a rider galloped past, apparently in quite a hurry.

Mama's coaching inn

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