Trouble in the MooT

Holy Imposter, Natina!

or what to do when you give away your secrets

After the skirmish (that’s what you call a short fight, right?), all the useful items were gathered in one of the oiled tarps used as a shelter and Geddragg dragged it while the unconscious bandit was placed in the small skiff and it was used as a travois. Back to the river, north to the ford and returning to the village of Grunhugel. As they got to the ford, the prisoner regained consciousness (with a little splash in the river) and was made to walk. Passing the shrine, Salvik stopped to look for signs of Ovilar while the rest marched the bandit to jail.
Salvik (great scrutinize roll) found a folded sheet of parchment under the corner of the bed that Ovilar must have dropped in his hasty departure. Then he continued on to join the rest.

Once at the constabulary, the prisoner was locked up (Geddragg had previously used “Robber’s Misery” on the lock to prevent picking) Salvik shared the Letter found in Shrine with everyone. Immediately, Geddragg set to deciphering the letter and Bookmark. (special reward of 1 Skill Level in Ciphers). Four got a couple pack mules and headed back to the bandit camp for the bodies and whatever else they could salvage. Natina and Mitiliago used their healing skills on the wounded.

The next morning, Salvik, Rheinhardt, Gozbert and Mitiliago went to check out the cemetery and tower while Natina and Link stayed back to question the prisoner. Geddragg was finishing up deciphering the notes.
The prisoner refused to answer questions, spitting on Link and Natina, either saying he didn’t know what they were talking about or writhing around in fits of anger trying to get free. Geddragg completed his deciphering and Natina left to join the party in the cemetery with the new information.

Meanwhile on Watch Hill, Gozbert checked the tower while the rest checked more in the cemetery. When Natina arrived with the new information, they discovered the Grave of Vorrik Foulhammer.alone on the hill. Salvik headed back to the jail to relay the information.
Just as Salvik was arriving, Geddragg had decided to scry with his newly acquired bag of runes. As Salvik was entering, the runes were tossed. Five runes lay in front of Geddragg, the last rolled out the door and into the road. Geddragg looked at the runes in front of him, grabbed them as he mumbled something and ran out the door to his stray rune. “DWARF”, he shouted, as he picked it up and broke into a dead run. Link told Salvik to follow and he would guard the prisoner.
Geddragg ran full speed to the only other Dwarf that he knew in town, Kinstaag Grimmhammer, the smith. Geddrag explaine about the runes, the ones inside foretold death or murder, the one that rolled outside meant “Dwarf”. He had the bad feeling one of them would be murdered! They shared an ale and Geddrag asked if he had any “properly sized armor” that he could purchase. Kinstaag looked around and found an old heavy smithing apron that could be quickly modified. A deal was struck and Kinstaag quickly donned an old (but very well taken care of) set of battle chain that he pulled from a chest. “Been years since I wore this”, he said with a grin. They headed back to the jail, just as Salvik arrived, passing him in the doorway. Changing directions, he huffed after them.

Up on Watch Hill, the Grave of Vorrik Foulhammer was being inspected, poked prodded and tested. Rheinhardt used Gozbert’s spade to dig where the grave should be. There was no sign of anything buried here. Mitiliago thought something looked “odd” about the stone, Natina looked closer and they all realized the cracks were actually well crafted carving made to look like cracks. Mitiliago discovered the three cracks that crossed the top of the stone disguised three notches cut into the stone to different depths. too thin for a dagger, but just right for a stilleto …. or the three silvered throwing knives found in the hidey hole under the other gravestone.

Back at the jail, Salvik finally caught up to the Dwarves. (If you hadn’t noticed, Salviks’s racial trait lowered his movement speed) He told them about the grave of Vorrik Foulhammer that they had found and the race was on again! Salvik and Link shutting the door to the constable’s office and following as quickly as possible.
The group at the stone had discovered that the three silvered throwing daggers fit well in the slots in the stone. Even more inspection noticed the identical little notches in the daggers and if you lined up your sight down those notches, it pointed to an obscure spot downhill toward the river. It was raining, so their vision was limited, but Natina took the previously discovered spyglass, lined it up with the notches and looked …. discovering a partially hidden rocky outcropping in an otherwise un-rocky area of the wood.
Just then, the Dwarves arrived, noting the name on the stone, foully spitting on the stone. In un-written Dwarven lore, Vorrik Foulhammer was a necromancer and dealt with the von Carsteins of Sylvania. No more would be said.
Everyone walked down to the rocky spot. There they discovered a “false” oucropping of rock which was most likely Dwarven stonework disguising some sort of door. Two holes were discovered behind loose “rocks” with latch mechanisms. Natina and Mitiliago reached in and turned the latch and a crack formed in the rock stonework with a soft thunk. A swarm of bats flew out through the crack.



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