Trouble in the MooT

Fallenblatt at last

(the game continues)

The party reaches the small town of Fallenblatt, in the Moot. It is late afternoon as they cross the ferry to Fallenblatt, the waters of the Blue Reach swollen with the recent rains.
Fallenblatt is built on a hill near the river to prevent flooding during the heavy spring rains. Barstow Geer, the ferrymaster, warns you of an storm coming in and points to the dark clouds rolling in from the south. He will be securing the ferry once the storm starts. Traffic from Zell, to the south, and Dreifflussen, to the east, has been brisk today with farmers, mine goods and merchants. The tolls are small, but the amount of traffic is enough for Barstow to make a good living.
The town itself is a little larger than the last town you were at (Grunhugel), having a palisade wall with a large gate and actual “guards”. Within the walls are all of the shops, a stable with a smithy, the Checkered Shield Inn (commonly referred to as the checker board), Beard’s Tavern and Snoot Manor, home of the mayor, Jendon Snoot.



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