Trouble in the MooT

A day in Fallenblatt

Farewell Salvik

Sigmarzeit 26, in the year 2522
After arriving in Fallenblatt, Salvik returned to his family’s farm about a mile outside of town to fetch his uncle (who was a Barber Surgeon). The uncle did his best on the battered party members and Salvik and his uncle returned home, saying that they would see them in the morning. Everyone took rooms in the nearly vacant Checkered Shield Inn. Salvik had joked that the locals called it the “checker board” because they would take the shield down that was hanging in the common room and play checkers on it.
Geddragg offered the innkeeper, Jendon Snoot, 1 GC for a “better room” and he yelled out to his wife, “Millie! We are sleeping in the guest room tonight! Put the good linen on our bed!”
Most fell to sleep quickly, but there were a few still awake when there was a pounding on the inn door and Jendon answered it. It must have been a late traveler looking for a room. Soon it was quiet again and there were no more disturbances.
When morning came, the smell of porridge and eggs welcomed the group to the dining table. The party was there, with the exception of Salvik, plus a human female that they had seen the night before over at “Beard’s”, the only tavern in Fallenblatt. Nobody noticed that the late night traveler had not shown for breakfast. Maybe he or she was a late sleeper. Suddenly a young halfling burst into the inn yelling, “You got to come! Salvik is missing! His uncle and family is dead and their house burnt! You’re his friends, right? What are you waiting for?!?!” There was hardly a break in the yelling to calm him down.
This apparent halfling child carried a child’s hoop on his back, had a wooden sword at his waist and was clothed in a make-shif tabard mad out of an old shirt. Millie Snoot seemed to recognize him and called him “Sonny” and got him calm enough to tell his story. It seems that after seeing Salvik in town last night as he left the inn to go home, he had promised to stop by his house and catch up.

More to come -



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